Ukrainian citizens launched a flash mob on yesterday’s PACE resolution


Ukrainian citizens launched a flash mob on yesterday’s PACE resolution

You very well know that in 2014 the Crimea, part of the sovereign territory of Ukraine was annexed by the Russian Federation. Part of Eastern Ukraine was occupied by the Russian troops and rebellions. For already 5 years the blood has been shedding in Ukraine.
Thousands of dead and wounded. Ukraine now protects not only itself but also Europe.
You do remember that Adolft Hitler and Joseph Stalin implemented the project of Europe’s occupation by unleashing World War II. Has Europe forgotten how it was split? Its eastern part fell into the sphere of influence of the USSR, and Wester Europe, together with the backward world, tried to resist the evil empire, fearing nuclear war!

Since then, nothing has changed. The plans of Putin’s Russia are the same as the plans of Hitler and Stalin. You can see this from the 1990s on Prednistrovya in Moldova, Abkhazia and Ossetia in Georgia, the Crimea, Donetsk, Lugansk in Ukraine! You do remember that Hitler was preparing for World War II occupying the Sudetenland and Austria. Stalin was occupying Finland, the Baltic states! At that time, Europe silently allowed Hitler and Stalin to do so and paid its dramatic price!

Now the war is not only in Ukraine, the war has already begun in Europe. The hybrid media war for your brains and propaganda. Over the years, Russia has invested billions of dollars in media resources and is trying to influence the democratic elections in Europe and the United States, splitting the United Europe through Britain’s Brexit and supporting separatists in Catalonia. If Ukraine fails or falls into the sphere of Russia’s influence, the question of a real war in Europe will be predetermined. Just remember how the leaders of the European countries in the 1930s of the last century did not believe in the reality of the Second World War! But it became the bloody truth.

❗️Stop Russia in PACE.
I strongly believe that you will hear my voice and the voice of Ukraine.